Novataris has developed the first phase of a digital hearing portal

Digital Hearing Portal Based On .NET Core

Developing a Hearing Portal for Ballerup Municipality – OS2AGORA

What we did

Module design


Open Source

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Public Digitalisation

Novataris has provided a full MVP solution for the municipality of Ballerup based on their needs. This means that the focus has been on building a solution that is user-friendly and allows internal employees to create employee hearings that are internally related.

The consultation system is designed with modularity in mind.
This means that each module is built with the purpose of enabling adaption to different needs in various municipalities that wish to make use of the solution.
The digital internal consultation system of Ballerup municipality is thus delivered as a standard system that can be easily adapted to other subcomponents, which means that it is possible to replace idP (a system unit that creates, maintains and manages identity information) and their ESDH (Electronic case and document management – In danish: Elektronisk sags- og dokumenthåndtering).

About the Municipality of Ballerup:

Ballerup municipality supports the OS2 collaboration and thus OS2’s vision of promoting public ownership of digital development and create value for citizens with strong digital solutions at low cost. Thus, the municipality supports cross-municipal collaboration, where people act in concert and benefit from each other.
Initially, the municipality of Ballerup needed a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which focuses on internal consultations.

The Challenge

Until now the internal and external consultation process of the municipality of Ballerup has been manually driven which can be a highly time demanding process.

In the first phase, the municipality needs a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that focus on internal hearings. In other word- they need a smaller part of the overall functionality of a complete hearing portal embracing all types of consultations for the purpose of verifying and demonstrating the feasibility and practical potential of the full solution.

The solution is subject to OS2 licencing requirements, which includes the use of free software, Open Source and Open Content.

The Solution

Novataris has developed a full MVP solution for the municipality of Ballerup, which is user-friendly and allows employees to set up consultations internally related for staff.

The internal digital hearing system is developed with a goal of enabling other than the municipality of Ballerup to utilise the solution and is therefore created with easy adaptation to individual needs.

The solution is furthermore developed in order to get more municipalities to participate in a joint development collaboration through OS2 – Public Digitisation Community. It is therefore based on .Net Core with Docker for independent platform implementation.

The Value

With an automated internal consultation process, the municipality of Ballerup is able to save a significant amount of time on tasks associated with the creation and finishing of hearings.
In addition, those who answer hearings have an improved overview of the hearings that are in process.

Moreover, automation of data handling makes it easier to be GDPR compliant, as the solution is designed with full consideration to process support and logging in order to meet the requirements for personal data protection.

The municipality of Ballerup is now has a strong foundation for emphasising the value of a digital consultation portal and thus engage additional municipalities to contribute to the realisation of a full digitised solution.

A Need for a Solution that Meets OS2 – Public Digitisation Community

In order to achieve cross-municipal collaboration it was important for the municipality of Ballerup to clarify how other municipalities, with the same need, can benefit financially from a digitised consultation portal. This means that the MVP need to provide an incentive for other municipalities to jointly contribute to financing and realising a fully digitalised solution for consultation systems. This is also why the system is named OS2Agora.

The solution therefore needed to be developed in accordance with the requirements from OS2. OS2 is a public digitisation community that develops and creates innovation through active participation and sharing of results with others. The community thus promotes public ownership of digital development and thereby create value for citizens. This means that the solution must support the OS2 licencing requirements, including the requirement of using free software (Open Source and Open Content) so that interested municipalities are able to utilise the same good features and the same strong infrastructure.

“With an automated internal consultation process, Ballerup municipality is able to save a significant amount of time on tasks associated with the creation and finishing of hearings.”


The municipality of Ballerup can now save significant amount of time.

Improved overview of the hearings.

It is now easier for the municipality of Ballerup to be GDPR compliant.