Mirador Analytics

Novataris has delivered a modern and secured communication portal to Mirador Analytics

Online Communication Portal Built on React.JS

Novataris has delivered a platform that enables 24/7 communication and strengthens the collaboration between Mirador Analytics and their customers.


Online communication portal

User-friendly interface

Easily scalable solution


Amazon Web Services

Mirador Analytics supports organisations working in healthcare with analysis of complex data sets to ensure that the privacy of individuals is protected through sufficient level of data deidentification. Mirador thus uncover whether data meets the necessary regulatory standards or modification is required.

Novataris has delivered an online portal to Mirador Analytics that combines all communication processes in one place and supports the flow of communication between the company and their customers. The communication concerns the procedure for data analysis – a complex flow that starts with contract signing and proceeds all the way to the certification of deidentified healthcare data.

Novataris has thus helped Mirador Analytics to ensure an engaging and user-optimised customer journey that provides transparency and constant overview for customers, enhancing Mirador’s professional identity towards their customers.

The portal replaces time-consuming e-mail communication, making collaboration with their global customers even easier. The user-friendly user interface allows Mirador’s customers to have constant insight into their status in the procedure of data analysis in a secured environment.

Novataris’ agile team worked closely with Mirador Analytics to ensure that the company’s specific needs and expectations were met, and that the development of the portal progressed smoothly and efficiently.

About Mirador Analytics:

Mirador Analytics supports international organisations with analysis of healthcare data to ensure protection and deidentification of personal data. They are experts in statistical disclosure risk, data analysis and compliance of health data. Mirador is thus focused on obtaining a high level of privacy for individuals and thereby maximising data utility to allow for future innovation, efficiency, and development in the healthcare sector.


Mirador Analytics needed a modern, professional, and scalable communication portal that ensures an efficient exchange of information. They furthermore wanted to provide their customers with a transparent overview of the project status and an accessible repository for completed reports.

The solution had to be developed with a strong focus on navigation and ease of use in line with Mirador Analytics’ high demands regarding performance and security. The solution additionally needed to be built in a modular and easily scalable way, enabling Mirador to integrate other offerings and partners into the solution.


Mirador Analytics now has a secured communication tool that supports customer interactions and replaces time-consuming e-mail exchanges.

The Mirador Analytics Analysis portal uses cutting-edge technologies, guaranteeing a high level of security as well as a modern and user-friendly design.

It is built on React.js which is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces (UI), and Java with Spring Boot for the backend.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was already used by Mirador to exchange files and data with their clients. AWS was therefore the platform of choice used to deploy the application, setup the database, and to store documents that are uploaded through the portal.


Mirador Analytics is now able to better utilise their resources as many manual processes are now automated, decreasing the amount of time-consuming work. This time-saving can also benefit their customers directly.

They now have a tool that supports and strengthens their customer relationships as well as a strong foundation to scale their business for future growth.

“At Mirador Analytics we are committed to ensuring our clients’ healthcare data and analyses reach their full potential. The portal solution developed with Novataris is an important tool in that mission and we have enjoyed the process collaborating with them once again.”

Jamie Blackport, CEO, Mirador Analytics


Mirador Analytics’ new portal supports and strengthens their customer relationships

Mirador Analytics is now able to better utilise their resources

Mirador Analytics has a foundation to scale their business for future growth